How are Leadership Power and Worker Empowerment Related?

In any organization, a leader and the people working under him have a very symbiotic relationship. Research shows that workers can thrive only when they have someone with strong leadership qualities at the helm. After all, any organization can prosper only with the cumulative effort of all involved parties.

Let us take a look at how strong leadership can influence worker empowerment.

Important leadership qualities

The first step to empower people working under one’s leadership is to develop certain qualities. Some people are born leaders. They are the ones who become entrepreneurs and influencers. But, some need to imbibe qualities that are essential to become a leader. These are:


  1. Communicative:

Communication is one of the primary things necessary to forge a relationship between two people. And as a leader and communicating one’s ideas and vision to others is the first step to run everything smoothly. Workers can also strive towards realizing the vision and feel empowered in the process.

  1. Attentive:

Many people have the skills to become great orators. However, only a select few possess the expertise to listen to what others have to say. As a leader, it is crucial to listen to what the others have to say. When workers find that their opinions are being taken into account by the leader they feel confident to provide their input.

  1. Inspiring:

It is a well-known fact that workers look up to their leaders for inspiration. If leaders cannot provide proper guidance, the people working under them will flounder. Hence a leader should be a figure of responsibility that inspires others to put in their 100% for their jobs.

  1. Accountability:

A leader should be accountable for his actions. A person who tries to shuffle blame on others will never be respected by the people working for him/her. Thus it is an important trait to be accountable for one’s actions. Otherwise, workers will get discouraged to provide their inputs and bring something new to the table.

These are a few of the primary qualities that a leader must possess to successfully guide the workers as well as empower them to do their best!

The relationship between leadership and workers’ empowerment

We have already established the qualities a leader must possess to successfully take up his role as a guide, mentor and a forerunner in any project. However, workers too, have a responsibility towards their leaders. Workers must strive to give their best to the jobs they are assigned. A leader will be encouraged to give their best only if they see that the workers are being co-operative and performing to the best of their abilities.

Also, leadership style plays a huge role in empowering employees. For example, research shows that organizational leadership has had the most impact on the progress of workers. Organizational leadership includes defining specific objectives for individuals and people in groups.

Thus it can be concluded that leadership plays the most vital role in the empowerment of workers. An organization cannot hope to progress unless there is a dynamic leader to guide the workers and help them to achieve their 100%.

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