Doing charity without giving money

Whether you have any resources to donate to a charity Foundation or you don’t, you can still do charity like bashir dawood.

Listed here are a few incredible ways of doing charitable acts.

Use Social Media To Promote A Cause 

You can use social media in order to increase knowledge about a cause that you want to support by using Facebook wall posts for instance. It is a very simple way and easily accessible to support some charitable cause all across the year.

A fancy costume competition can be organized 

You can organise a fancy dress competition or an event with a theme one day at work and also motivate all your peers to take part in it.

Arranging a raffle for raising money for a charitable cause 

If you have left over biscuits and chocolates that are left from a celebration then you can raffle them. You can also include other goodies and do some charity in exchange for them. It is also not a bad idea to merge money and come to a conclusion as to what you want to contribute.

Organising a Secret Santa shop for charity 

Rather than getting a santa gift from a shop you can go to a philanthropy store to get your secret santa gift and this way you will help the cause you want to support to profit.

Motivating your employer for creating a charitable alliance  

If the employee working for has not collaborated with some charitable institution here you can talk to the HR department and help them collaborate and get this done.