Every sandstone wooden coasters is a work of art

The huge selection of art you can have on a coaster makes it possible that you have many functions of art in your dwelling.  There are diverse colors evident in each and every stone on account of the creation process and these colors come in the coasters created from it. No two coasters are the same with patterns and unique hues. There are also forms of sandstone to pick from to give you a range of colors. One wooden coaster is capable of holding up to 1/4 cup of liquid. This means that of the water that condenses on the outside of a glass holding a beverage will be comprised inside the coaster and will not drip on the table’s surface. If you have got a hot beverage, the coaster will shield the surface by the heat which can create a stain on the wood of the table which could be eliminated with refinishing.

wooden coasters for life

Wooden surfaces may sustain damage. It crack ruining the furniture and will buckle up. Although each wooden coaster is a work of art, you can have miniature works of art. Christmas scenes will increase your decorating for this time of the year. Enjoy beach or desert scenes painted on the stone coasters and have security in knowing that these paintings would not wash off with the water. The nature of sandstone makes it feasible to have scenes and pictures. These are images or scenes such as that of pictures of life animals or the Old West. You might have images imprinted on a set of wooden coasters of buildings like that of styles, kitchen scenes or leaders. Sports and hobbies are also pictures found on a coaster. You can get your wooden coasters made and customized to order by adding your photographs. There are lots of companies to whom you need to send the photos you need imprinted on the wooden coasters and select one of several layouts.

If you would like the photo displayed, you do need to be certain is at high resolution. A charcoal etching of the photograph will make it seem as though it is a portrait on the beverage coaster. This is an elegant means of displaying photographs of grandchildren and children. A Wooden Coaster has cork backing to keep the rock from scratching on the tabletop. A glass will follow the coaster due to the liquid and this sends the coaster once you lift the glass crashing into the table or the ground. You would not have this issue with coasters made from sandstone because the liquid seeps into the wooden coaster. These coasters are easy to clean with a damp cloth in the event you see a stain on a couple and you will simply need to give them a scrubbing. They will become family heirlooms and will last for generations.