What’s Melanotan? Things to Know

Melanotan is the unlicensed and highly untested type of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating supplement that causes pigmentation (or tanning) of skin. Melanotan is a variant of the melanotan I, it is one kind of drug used in treatment of the erythropoietic protoporphyria.

Melanotan 2 isn’t yet approved for treatment of medical conditions. Though there are many benefits of using this supplement, but there are a few things that you need to know before you start your done.

Checking out the benefits of using Melanotan

  • Tan Will Last Much Longer – Suppose you stop making use of MT-2, then your tan must stay some months without any need for sun exposure. It is different than natural tan that goes away after some days and needs sun exposure regularly.
  • No More Skin Damage – The natural tanning can protect your skin when exposed to the UV rays. However, if you are using MT with very less sun exposure, it will protect deeper layers of the skin as well as give them higher pigmentation.
  • Very Less Exposure for UV Rays – Melanotan does need sun exposure but they do not need much. You may get a very good tan in very less time as well as with the less UV exposure.

How Does It Work?

Research has recommended Melanotan 2 functions by mimicking action of the melanocortin peptides, though it’s non-selective. These peptides are the natural hormones that are involved in the energy homeostasis, immune system, pigmentation, cardiovascular system, as well as inflammation. This works very much like Melanotan 1, by stimulating production of eumelanin that causes your skin to tan.

Melanotan has been used in treatment of ED, hence the side effects getting spontaneous erections, however we can get on it later on. By promoting better levels of melanin, Melanotan can ease some symptoms linked with the given conditions and make you live a healthy and normal life.