Advanced Function With Executive Protection Training

First, from the Working schedule determine the principal’s aircraft tail number, aircraft type, version, serial number, registration type, and the floor handler info. Upon arrival in the region of surgery, you should first schedule a face-to-face assembly with the ground handlers in the entry airport. Give the ground handler the aircraft specifications. Inform them you want to set up VIP Custom and Immigration onboard the aircraft, or in the airport to the principal. This means your principal does not go through the standard procedure, but rather is processed onboard or escorted by airport personnel into the VIP Lounge while all formalities are done, passports are given back and luggage is due to porters.

Also inform the ground Handler that you need EPU executive protection unit and vehicular passes for the air operations area AOA to give airside pickup of your main. Make certain you have the titles of the EP agents, automobile registration and drivers license information of all of the safety vehicles in the motorcade escort security automobile, executive car, and tail safety car. These processes are set up for the main for three reasons: maximum support, minimal intrusion, and ensuring that the safety situation is ensured upon arrival.

Close-in aircraft security should lead to a responsible amount of deterrence to decrease opportunity and capability, making the aircraft a less attractive target. This service can also be provided via the ground handler. However, you have to set up a meeting with the aircraft security personnel to guarantee alertness, physical fitness, and appropriate appearance and courtesy of the guards supplied from the site You must have written instructions to the degree to which the guards reach and maintain required close-in policy of the aircraft, effectively respond to events and any contingencies that might arise. Include your regional mobile phone and hotel number on the instruction sheet.

Ensure That the Airport arrival and departure processes are correctly setup with the floor handler beforehand. This should be done before your arrival within the region of operation, through professional communication and coordination by phone, fax and e-operations email. But, face-to-face meetings are necessary with the floor handler, to get more done, and to get the best effects on global EP assignments. EP agents on advance should recognize the advantages of e-operations and continue to utilize information technology in every part of the operation.