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Once you get into it, SEO creates a lot of repetitive work and should you Are reading this you will probably understand what talking about. As a start-up search engine optimization performance in South Africa with a fast growing customer base we’d set up fairly good systems to locate potential clients, identify what they should be ranking for, start looking for long-tail keyword phrases and create a report showing the customers current ranking within the native Google South Africa search domain Google actually dominates in our market.

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This was managed via a mix and match of Excel Spreadsheets, Google Tools, Adobe, Word Records and such. It had been very rapid clear to us that with only 4 staff members we’d be working 24 hours a day to maintain. Signing our initial deals further put pressure on the customer’s service side with a need to create ranking reports and monitor ranking history any search engine optimization company butter and bread.

So jumping on the internet we evaluated a large number of trials and free Versions of group buy seo tools that coated rank checking, back link analysis, keyword ideas and keyword performance indexing KEI. Currently there are great free programs out there but bringing this all together in bundle that was automated and flexible does not come free.

We depended on SEO Powersuite from Link-Assistant, not cheap but worth every dollar if you would like to immediately drive enhanced work-flow and efficacy. The bundle includes Link Assistant, SEO Spyglass, Website Audit and Rank Tracker. All of the software is detailed on the website but I will give you a quick rundown on Rank Tracker that we use heavily:

  • Primarily I have a complete or rather the very complete set of Search Engines globally, essential to us in South Africa, with local versions of Google, Bing and our biggest neighbourhood search ensemble, Ajani, covered.
  • Ranking is truly easy to set up; after the target website and key words are loaded there are a plethora of features available to fine-tune how the rank report should operate. Among the most important is handling the speed where Rank Tracker creates the automated queries to the search engines; the Individual Emulation Settings permit the user to slow down queries and the number of sequential events is conducted. In case you have ever run big ranking reports you will know that the engines simply lock you out.
  • When the ranking is completed Search volumes to the regional motors and rivalry pages may be simply loaded to provide the KEI for each keyword; all loaded on a simple, transparent and flexible report display.
  • When the customer has settled on key words and you have closed that deal, Rank Tracker will keep the historic progress per keyword per search engine a highly effective tool for reporting back to customer and flagging potential problems with key words.
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